Must-Have Camping Gear for Dogs

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Must-Have Camping Gear for Dogs

Must-Have Camping Gear for Dogs

Let’s face it, our pets are like our children so we’ve created this master list of our Must-Have Camping Gear for Dogs + Tips & Tricks on how we give our puppies the best time they can have because we love camping with dogs!

Tie-Out Cable

This is a MUST! Even a perfectly trained dog can benefit from a tie-out cable. These durable cables allow your dog to roam the area freely and get some much-needed exercise around the campsite without the worry of getting lost chasing a squirrel.

Our favorite Tie-Out comes in 50ft or 70ft with a reflective cable and trolley system. This cable is multi-use for at home or on the go! When you’re done camping, hook it up at home or at the park. Exercise is super important for our pets and this run allows for that bit of extra roaming that he needs.

Sleeping Bag for Dogs

A sleeping bag for a dog?? That’s right! Our pups can get cold just like we can, especially smaller dogs, so we tried out the VegaPop Sleeping Bag for Dogs. Not only does it come in 5 colors, but it also has a storage compartment to store your doggo’s favorite bedtime toys. If you’re camping in a cold climate or just have a pup that likes to be warm, this sleeping bag is a must-have!

Our dog loves to snuggle under our covers, but I like my legroom, so this sleeping bag gives us both a great night of sleep!

Interactive Dog Toys

Busy setting up camp or grilling a nice dinner? We have the perfect toys to keep your dog entertained! This interactive Tug of War toy easily screws into the dirt so your dog can play tug of war without you! It comes in three sizes to meet your needs and the ball itself can be used separately as its own toy! (We love DUAL PURPOSE items when camping!)

Let him play alone, or play with him with this awesome tug of war toy!

Collapsable Food & Water Bowls

Save space with this 3-n-1 set! This easy-to-carry pack can store up to 25 cups of your dog’s food! The water and food bowl easily roll up for a quick pack and unpack while camping and even better, it’s all Non-Toxic and Eco-Friendly!

These are great for road trips as well! They can be set up anywhere you go!

Paw Cleaner

Now this may sound a bit excessive, but we take our shoes off when we come into the tent, so why wouldn’t we want our dog’s paws to be clean too! 38,000 people on Amazon agree with us that this Portable Paw Washer is worth every penny!

Speaking of repurposed gear for camping with dogs, we love to protect the environment and give our doggos some fun! If you’re on a budget or have some extra items laying around, you can create your own toys!

Here are our favorite free items that can be used to entertain your pup while camping:

  • An old T-shirt tied into a knot as a chew toy
  • Let Fido choose his own stick to knaw on!
  • An old tennis ball

Ultimately, your dog just wants to spend time with you. As our most loyal friends, our pets deserve that extra time and attention. So next time you’re going on a trip, forgo the dog boarding and take your pet with you! Let him or her experience nature the way dogs were always meant to. The Must-Have Camping Gear for Dogs gave us a much greater experience and now we LOVE going camping as a complete family!


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